Portable Dual Biohazard Containment unity fits in modern to Sci-Fi game systems. Perfect for Infinity, Mercs and Relic Knight.

New 'Fritter Tek Laser Cut Terrain cut from 2mm MDF. The 10mm bead spheres are included. Use as scatter terrain or objective markers. Supplied in a set of three containment units. The top has the radioactive symbol engraved onto the surface and the flip side is a neutral marking. Place the neutral marking up and if the model is hit by a stray weapons fire, flip it over for a big surprise in game!

The model is supplied unpainted and unbuilt. I recommend using either a thick white craft glue or super glue gel for adhesives. I have used Vallejo airbrush primer, Minitaire acrylic primers and I have used Krylon as well to good effect.

Miniature shown for scale and is not supplied with this kit.

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