Update 2-24-22

I have been back in the workshop since Tuesday getting orders out again! I am filling the orders with parts that are ready first. I think I will be doing well enough to start casting pewter again over the weekend.


I haven't been online much through February. I came down with COVID-19 on the 2nd of February. I was extremely exhausted that day and later that night the fever came. So I self isolated, took some meds to fight the fever and drank a lot of vitamin water. I wasn't sure what I had, because it felt like the flu. The fever was bad enough but not really high, usually around 101F. I slept a lot, I mean A LOT! After about a nine days my doctor wanted me to see if I had COVID or not. I went out and drove to a COVID testing site at a local Pharmacy. I drove up at the reserved time, the tech handed me the kit and I swabbed myself, packaged it up and put it into the collection box. The next day I received the results that I had COVID antigens. I knew as much. The next few days were rather dicey. My fever was better, fatigue was worse and I started a rather nasty cough. I also have a blood oxygen meter and I was testing myself multiple times per day. The doctored stated if my blood Oxygen levels go below 90 to go to the hospital. Luckily, I stayed just above that throughout the worst of things. I am now past the self isolation time period, but I have still been just staying put at home to get my strength back. Basically simple tasks exhaust me and I want to then take a nap. I am finally getting more energy again and I am restless – that is a good sign to me.

So, today I am going to work up my pull lists of product and try to do some casting later in the week – providing that I continue to get my energy back. I am also shipping out the first batch of packages today.

I want to than everyone for their patience who have ordered through all of this!